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We are a digital infrastructure company facilitating B2B supply chain procurement with India.

Organizations everywhere – from startups to Fortune 500s – use India Index to diversify their supply chain partners, prioritize their company values and optimize trade relationships to be more profitable.


Sourcing in India has been a complicated and opaque process.

Fragmented Data.

Supplier data has not been collected, centralized and organized on a global-facing platform.

Poor Search.

Global companies have limited access to reliable Indian suppliers using traditional search engines.

Cold Calling.

Without reliable contact information on suppliers, companies are sending RFPs into black holes.

Language Barrier.

Indian companies struggle to demonstrate their value proposition using current marketing channels.


India Index is a market innovator in B2B supply chain marketplace platforms. Its cloud-based platform helps buyers and suppliers search, filter and vet supply chain partners through a seamless and cost-effective process. Headquartered in Washington, DC, India Index’s vision is to connect every company in the world to a viable Indian supplier with confidence and transparency.


Get Certified. Build Trust. Sell More.


A Global Standard

Aligns with global best practices in supply chain standards and sourcing processes across sectors, product types and geographies.

Evidence-Based Research

Builds on an expansive body of research across industries, validated by a collaborative body of experts, including India Index advisors.

Resilient Certification

Every year, the evaluation process keeps pace with changes in government regulations and technology, continuously improving by integrating new features for certifications.

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