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India-US Trade

Top 10 Indian Products Enriching the US Market

The period from 2023 to 2028 is poised to see exponential progress, opening doors for businesses and consumers on both sides. One of the most exciting aspects of this burgeoning trade relationship is the proliferation of Indian products in the US market. Let us take a deep-dive into these details.

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In an increasingly interconnected world, international trade has become a driving force for economic growth and cultural exchange. The relationship between India and the United States has evolved significantly over the years, with both countries recognizing the immense potential for trade expansion. 

As we stand at the threshold of a new era, the next decade promises to witness remarkable growth in India-US trade. The period from 2023 to 2028 is poised to see exponential progress, opening doors for businesses and consumers on both sides. One of the most exciting aspects of this burgeoning trade relationship is the proliferation of Indian products in the US market. Let us take a deep dive into these details.

Unveiling the Flourishing India-US Trade Alliance

India and the USA are formidable trade titans. 

The trade relationship has not only endured but has grown stronger each year. The most recent statistics paint a vivid picture – in the fiscal year 2021-22, the bilateral trade between these two powerhouses surged to an impressive $119.42 billion, firmly establishing the USA as India’s largest trading partner.

Yet, this is only the beginning! The trajectory of trade growth between India and the USA is poised for even greater heights in the coming decade. The convergence of mutual interests and shared values will serve as the wind beneath the sails of this expanding partnership. Moreover, the two nations are united against common challenges such as climate change, terrorism, and healthcare security.

The collaboration between India and the USA is not confined to trade alone; it transcends boundaries, encompassing vital global issues. This is evident in their joint initiatives like the US - India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership and the Quad Vaccine Partnership. These ventures have far-reaching implications, not only for fostering international cooperation but also for propelling trade and investment in crucial sectors.

Nurturing India-US Trade Growth: Envisioning 2023-2028

The trade trajectory between India and the US marketplace is set to experience unprecedented growth in the next decade. The robust economic ties, policy reforms, and a consumer-driven market will contribute to this flourishing trade relationship. 

Projections from the report by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), bilateral trade could reach $238 billion by 2025, up from $149 billion in 2019. This would imply an average annual growth rate of about 10%. The report also projects that India’s exports to the US could grow by 12.3% annually, while imports from the US could grow by 7.5% annually.

This astounding growth can be attributed to several key catalysts such as:

  • Economic Reforms: India's ongoing economic reforms and policy initiatives are creating a more conducive environment for trade. Simplified trade procedures, ease of doing business, and tax reforms are driving more businesses to explore the Indian market. One notable example is the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2017.
  • Digital Transformation: The digital revolution in India has paved the way for seamless cross-border transactions and e-commerce. This has enabled businesses to connect directly with consumers, making it easier for Indian products to find their way into US households.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: India's growing reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship is generating a wave of innovative products and technologies. 
  • Cultural Affinity: The Indian diaspora in the US is a significant driving force behind the demand for Indian products. Consumers seek products that resonate with their cultural heritage, leading to increased demand for items with an Indian touch. One such recent cultural example is how the US audience embraced the movie RRR.

Let us now look at a few of the popular export product categories from India to the USA.

Top 10 Categories of Products that India Exports

  1. Mineral fuels including oil: $8.2 billion (16.8% of India’s exports to the US)
  2. Gems, precious metals: $7.7 billion (15.8%)
  3. Pharmaceuticals: $6.1 billion (12.5%)
  4. Machinery including computers: $3.7 billion (7.6%)
  5. Organic chemicals: $2.8 billion (5.7%)
  6. Vehicles: $2.6 billion (5.4%)
  7. Articles of iron or steel: $1.9 billion (3.9%)
  8. Electrical machinery, and equipment: $1.8 billion (3.7%)
  9. Agricultural products: $1.8 billion (3.7%)
  10. Knit or crochet clothing, and accessories: $1.4 billion (2.9%)


As trade between the two countries continues to flourish, Indian products are making their presence felt in the US market across categories. The coming years hold immense promise for businesses and consumers alike, with the India Index providing valuable insights to navigate this exciting trade journey. Embracing this growing partnership is not just about transactions, but also about celebrating the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines the India-US relationship.

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